Save Lewisham Library Campaign

Link to Lewisham Library’s campaign agaisnt closure

Following on from my previous post, I decided to see whether there were any ongoing campaigns to help public libraries in the local area and I was in luck.

Lewisham Library is facing a number of cuts and this is part of an ongoing campaign against the local governments decision to stop up to £1 million worth of funding and removal of staff from 4 libraries in the borough, replacing them with volunteers. Doing this will stretch librarians already limited resources even finer.

I will be following this campaign closely and have reached out to the group for a statement on how we, in the local community and as Goldsmiths students can help them.



Unfortunately I never received a reply from the campaign managers which is a real shame. The cause is still worthwhile though and is really important to the social landscape of our inner cities. While funding for education, schools and public amenities is cut,I believe that libraries are essential in fostering a passion for learning, and as an accessible place for learning without barriers.


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