Welcome to London’s Burning.

This blog was set up by me, Eve, a 3rd year History student at Goldsmiths College, for the module “London’s Burning: Social Movements and Public Protest in the Capital 1830-2003″

This blog will explore the themes of the module as well as being my space to talk about the points that have really struck a chord with me, or the issues I haven’t quite got to grips with. We will explore social theory and the theory behind social movements, as well as digging into the historic, and sometimes forgotten, protests and movements which have shaped London’s history.

London’s history has a rich seam of history relating to protest movements that is just waiting to be discovered. This blog will try and get to grips with some of these events, covering a wide time range I will examine the different movements that have shaped our city. I will cover topics such as the Chartists, the women’s movement and environmental campaigning, as well as examining external factors such as social media and popular culture, and addressing social theory, which have all played a role in London’s popular protest movements.